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Roses are Red and Violets are Blue

While admiring someone’s lipstick color. We as women can’t help to wonder if that particular shade would look good on us.

Most women play it safe when choosing a lip color.  This of course is understandable since the vast options of cosmetic lines offer so many variations of lip color shades, tones and hues.  It can be overwhelming and challenging to find the right color that works with your skin tone.

However, having worked with so many skin tones and complexion on photo shoots and sets, I am here to tell you that sometimes it doesn’t matter as much matching the skin tones but more so focusing on the fashion. Try bold colors that you never imagined on yourself by using complimentary colors and hues on your lips that contrast your outfit and accessories. By experimenting with this, you can make any lip shade color look astounding and flattering for your lips, face and fashion style.


Photo: Dewayne Weise

Stylist: Waina Chancy

Makeup Artist: Cassandra Celestin

Model: Michelle, Front Managment

Makeup provided by ;  S.M.C.H.E.Z  Lipwear  (

Accessories provides by ;

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