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MiamiHair Salon Services

Our boutique salon is designed to provide a visually pleasing experience and relaxing environment for services personalized to exceed the expectations of our client’s most demanding desires. We consult with our clients to get a clear understanding of what makes them feel good and what they desire out of our services. Therefore, providing unparallel service tailored to their individual beauty.

Hair Coloring

Single Root (Permanent) <price>$70</price>
Full Color (Permanent) <price>$95</price>
Gloss (Permanent) <price>$40</price>
Toner (Permanent) <price>$60</price>
Toner (Temporary) <price>$65</price>
Color Correct (Permanent) <price>$350+</price>
Highlight Full (Permanent) <price>$250+</price>
Highlight Half (Permanent) <price>$185</price>
Highlight Partial (Permanent) <price>$145</price>
Ombre (Permanent) <price>$250+</price>
Balayage (Permanent) <price>$300+</price>
Semi / Demi (Temporary) <price>$85</price>
Vegetable Color (Temporary) <price>$150</price>
UV Color (Temporary) <price>Coming Soon</price>
Hair Treatments

Nano-Protein (Non-Chemical) <price>$105</price>
Hylau-Moisture (Non-Chemical) <price>$85</price>
Silk Amino Seal (Non-Chemical) <price>$85</price>
Keratin Softner (Non-Chemical) <price>$95</price>
Scalp Therapy I (Non-Chemical) <price>$65</price>
Scalp Therapy II (Non-Chemical) <price>$75</price>
Melanin-Amino (Non-Chemical) <price>$80</price>
Hair Detox (Non-Chemical) <price>$65</price>
Relaxer (Chemical) <price>$120</price>
Brazillian Blow-out (Chemical) <price>$370+</price>
Japanese Straightener (Chemical) <price>$450+</price>
Hair Cut & Styling

Hair Cut <price>$85</price>
Hair Cut & Blow-out <price>$370+</price>
Shampoo Blow-out <price>$85+</price>
Hair Extensions

100% Human Hair
Sewn-In & Invisible Swen-In
Micro Ring
Tape Strip
Shrink Wrap (USA Certification Only)
Cold Fusion
Keratin Fusion
Custom Clip
Invisible Lace Front (No Glue)
Custom Wig Design

Hair Extensions Gallery

Bridal Hair Styling

Special Events
Partial Updo <price>$120-140</price>
Full Updo <price>$150-190</price>
Hollywood Glam <price>$250</price>
Pin-Up <price>$280</price>

Bridal Hair Gallery

Spoil Me Package


Enjoy a half day of being pampered. This package includes:
Hair Wrap & Detox
30-minute Scalp Massage
Mani & Pedi
Shampoo Blow-out
A glass of champagne
Red Carpet Package


Enjoy a half day of Salon VIP. This package includes:
Resveratrol Red Wine Infused Oxygen Facial
Princess Strobe Airbrush Makeup
Cacao Caffine Infused Hair Steam
Champagne Hair Rinse
Shampoo Blow-out
Mani & Pedi
A glass of red wine
The Indulge Package


Princess Infused Oxygen Facial
30-minute Scalp Massage
Green Tea Caffeine Infused Hair Steam
Ginger Beer Hair Rinse
Champp Blow-out
Mani & Pedi
A glass of sparkling wine

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